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Offers wise advice. 2. When you are faced with a difficult problem, you react by . a. Doing whatever will be the best thing for the greatest number of people.

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Something thats simple, but still expresses your personality. d. Whatever will attract the most attention. e. Something that will not distract or inhibit you from what you have to do that day. 6. If you discovered that a friends significant other was being unfaithful, you would .more...

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Shes very stubborn, you know. In INSURGENT, hes Tobias 95 percent of the time, because thats how Tris wanted it. You can feel free to keep calling him Four, thoughI do! CHOOSE YOUR FACTION 1. You most want your friends and family to see you as someone who . a. Is willing to make sacrifices and help anyone in need.more...

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Because it was mine. My son, you now have your possessions, but you do not have your friend. Which would you rather have? My friend. Then give freely, trusting that you will also be given what you need. SELF-SUFFICIENCY A Daughter says to her Father: Father, today I fought with my friend. Her Father says: Why did you fight with your friend? Because she insulted me, and I was angry. Why were you angry? Because she lied about me.more...

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Others see you as sometimes flaky or indecisive, but also as easygoing and warm. If you chose mostly Cs, you are CANDOR. You are honest with everyone, no matter how difficult it is, and no matter how much trouble it gets you into. You arent easily offended, and would prefer to hear the truth even if it hurts. You believe that if everyone could be honest and forthright with each other, the world would be a much better place. Other people see you as sometimes insensitive, but also as trustworthy and confident.more...

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Oh, Amity. Candor: 1. the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression; candidness. 2. freedom from bias; fairness; impartiality. VERONICA: That definition helped me flesh out Candor more, particularly in the second book, INSURGENT. The faction is not just trying to develop honestytheyre also trying to develop impartiality. Dauntless: fearless, undaunted.more...

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Then you must no longer think cruel thoughts. Cruel thoughts lead to cruel words, and hurt you as much as they hurt their target. (The following section was part of the original manifesto, but was later removed.) INVOLVEMENT One Friend says to Another: Friend, today I fought with my enemy. The Other Friend says: Why did you fight with your enemy? Because they were about to hurt you. Friend, why did you defend me? Because I love you. Then I am grateful. CANDOR: THE HONEST FACTION MANIFESTO DISHONESTY IS RAMPANT.more...

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(In some versions: Because I was hurt by her words.) My daughter, did your friends words change who you are? No. Then do not be angry. The opinions of others cannot damage you. FORGIVENESS A Husband says to his Wife: Wife, today I fought with my enemy. His Wife says: Why did you fight with your enemy? Because I hate him.more...

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What is society but a web of individual-to-individual relationships? And what is conflict except one persons dark secret crashing into another persons dark secret? Dishonesty is a veil that shields one person from another. Dishonesty allows evil to persist, hidden from the eyes of those who would fight it. DISHONESTY LEADS TO SUSPICION. SUSPICION LEADS TO CONFLICT. HONESTY LEADS TO PEACE. We have a vision of an honest world. In this world, parents do not lie to their children, and children do not lie to their parents; friends do not lie to one another; spouses do not lie to each other. When we are asked our opinions we are free to give them without having to consider any other responses.more...

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Or a combination of both? Its these musings about names that led to the Tobias/Four divide in the first place. Four views Tobias as the name of a helpless little boy, so he chooses Four as the name of his adult self in an attempt to leave the pain behind him. It signifies his strength rather than his weakness. But what he finds is that he cant ignore his past; it keeps creeping up on him, especially in his fear landscape. So in DIVERGENT, he gives Tris his old identityhe trusts her to know his vulnerable side, the side of the child and not the man. She recognizes the significance of this, which is why she starts to call him Tobias. Its the name he gave to her, the one he trusted her with, and she begins to treasure it for that reason. In INSURGENT, this name issue becomes a bit more complicated, but for Tris its the same.more...

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