The good thing about being busy was she barely had time to glance up at the television screens to watch the game. Even though she wanted to watch, her stomach was a knotted mass of nerves. She knew how much each of these last few games meant to the teamto Ty. Winning the division and making the playoffs was critical. She had to rely on either the cheers or the groans of her customers to let her know what was going on with the game, because it was too loud in the bar to hear the announcers. When she heard a cheer, shed stop and look up, knowing something good had happened for the team. The Ice had scored twice in the first period, once on a pass from Ty to Eddie, and once on a sneak shot from behind the goal by Meyers. Nashville scored on a power play, so the Ice were up two to one going into the second period. Her stomach knotted up even tighter. It was still too close and way too much game left to play.

Taking a Shot, book

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